Posters are a great way to attract and inform customers of upcoming events and special offers, especially for time-sensitive functions. And due to their large format, posters stand out. When displayed in prominent locations, they have the power to reinforce your message over time because consumers see them repeatedly.


An effective advertising strategy might suggest doing both. But sometimes your budget for a particular event doesn’t support that approach. So let’s explore the power of the poster. Now more than ever, a poster is a great advertising bargain for reaching a specific demographic of your consumer base. In the past it would have been cost prohibitive to do a short printing run of only 20 or 30 posters, but now with digital printing, it is economically feasible to print only one or two, or twenty. The printing cost could be as low as one or two dollars each depending on size and paper. There is no way to purchase ad space at those prices.

And when you wish to appeal to people in a specific area, a poster is the perfect solution. For instance, a local 4K run for charity. Painting classes offered at your art store. An upcoming play for your community theater group. Or a Grand Opening “Two-for-One” pizza special at your new restaurant.


You may say, “What about people who live 50 or 100 miles away? Wouldn’t I want them to attend my event as well? How would I do that with a poster?” While you would always encourage and welcome anyone to attend your event, is it reasonable to assume someone would drive 50 or 100 miles to take part in, say, a Découpage class, or see your play, or take advantage of your two-for-one pizza offer? If you believe they would, then you could easily print extra posters and hand deliver them to neighboring towns and counties, maybe enlist the help of volunteers. At that point you might also consider a complimentary ad campaign in those areas announcing your services or event, but a poster may do the trick on its own.

Always consider this powerful advertising tool when deciding how to promote your business, an upcoming event, or a special time-sensitive service. A poster is cost effective, highly visible, comparatively quick to implement, and remains in view of potential customers as a constant reminder of your business, service, product, or event.

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