Design Strategy Planning, test press sheet, by Lonnie Busch, Franklin, North Carolina

Design Strategy Planning For Your Business

Design Strategy Planning Design strategy planning should start before you even speak to a designer.  Consider the goals you hope to achieve through hiring a designer. Moreover, begin outlining the full scope of your project. Do you need a logo, brochures, business cards, product labeling? Will you require a website design? How about collateral material, […]

Services, image by Lonnie Busch, Crater Line Design, Franklin, North Carolina

The captivating beauty of “test” press sheets

What are test press sheets? Years ago I worked for a design studio called Steven Blives and Associates in St. Louis, MO. As one of the senior designers there, I occasionally had the responsibility of “following” a media job through the printing process, which meant, making sure that the first bunch of sheets off the press looked correct. This was […]